Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Table Banner.

Let’s do a quick run down of what we have so far for the guest table. There’s the Tears of Joy box, and the Guest Box with hearts. Now we can able a Guest Table Banner to the list. Would you be surprised to read that we don’t have the actually guest table yet? I’m on the lookout to find something rustic, vintage, aged, weathered, whatever really just something that’s not new and doesn’t cost a fortune. I haven’t found it yet. Sad smile But on to the banner.


I picked up these canvas Gypsies at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks and had no idea what to do with them. After kicking around some idea I thought, “I’ll just make a banner and figure out where to put it later.”  It was going to be a super short banner with only 7 gypsies. I used one of the Gypsies as a pattern and cut 8 more Gypsies out of burlap.



Then I took a piece of cardstock and started drawing hearts of all sizes until I found one I liked. I cut 7 hearts out of burlap and glued them to the canvas gypsies ONLY by using Fabric Mender. You can play with the pattern/layout of the banner however you like best.  I decided the canvas gypsies ‘in front’ of the burlap ones was my favorite look. 



I stitched the edges of the gypsies together for added strength. This will make gluing the string to the back of the banner much much easier too. 



I needed a long area to work with the banner so I took all my stuff to the hallway. Smile

After laying the gypsies down, right side against the floor I set out gluing the string to the top edge of the banner about 1/4’’ from the top.


Don’t worry too much about seeing the glue, it eventually dries clear. I left quite a long tail on the end of each side of the banner. I’m not sure what size table we’ll end up with or how we’re going to attach it so I didn’t want to cut the string too short and not be able to use the banner at all.


I might hang this in our bedroom over our bed after the wedding; I like it that much!



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