Saturday, August 31, 2013

Guest Table Found!

Finally, finally, finally we found a guest table. Nathan’s grandmother’s old Singer sewing table is more than perfect for our overall look. Here’s a before picture. I hope to have an after picture posted this coming week. As soon as Nathan finds the missing foot peddle we’ll reassemble and beautify.



This week is going to be a big push for me to try and get all things wedding done so keep your eyes peeled for more and more posts.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Table Banner.

Let’s do a quick run down of what we have so far for the guest table. There’s the Tears of Joy box, and the Guest Box with hearts. Now we can able a Guest Table Banner to the list. Would you be surprised to read that we don’t have the actually guest table yet? I’m on the lookout to find something rustic, vintage, aged, weathered, whatever really just something that’s not new and doesn’t cost a fortune. I haven’t found it yet. Sad smile But on to the banner.


I picked up these canvas Gypsies at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks and had no idea what to do with them. After kicking around some idea I thought, “I’ll just make a banner and figure out where to put it later.”  It was going to be a super short banner with only 7 gypsies. I used one of the Gypsies as a pattern and cut 8 more Gypsies out of burlap.



Then I took a piece of cardstock and started drawing hearts of all sizes until I found one I liked. I cut 7 hearts out of burlap and glued them to the canvas gypsies ONLY by using Fabric Mender. You can play with the pattern/layout of the banner however you like best.  I decided the canvas gypsies ‘in front’ of the burlap ones was my favorite look. 



I stitched the edges of the gypsies together for added strength. This will make gluing the string to the back of the banner much much easier too. 



I needed a long area to work with the banner so I took all my stuff to the hallway. Smile

After laying the gypsies down, right side against the floor I set out gluing the string to the top edge of the banner about 1/4’’ from the top.


Don’t worry too much about seeing the glue, it eventually dries clear. I left quite a long tail on the end of each side of the banner. I’m not sure what size table we’ll end up with or how we’re going to attach it so I didn’t want to cut the string too short and not be able to use the banner at all.


I might hang this in our bedroom over our bed after the wedding; I like it that much!



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aisle Runner

I admit it. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to somehow make it a part of our wedding too.  Have you seen the picture of the cute hearts going down the aisle instead of flower petals?  It’s a super cute picture, go search for it!


We cut hearts out of Kraft colored card stock and using Super Glue, glued them to a Bamboo skewer. Here’s a picture of the back so you can how little of the skewer we glued to the hearts.


I was able to find an online retailer to purchase the lace heart doilies from and we glued them to Bamboo skewers the same way.


I have these skewers in that crunchy floral stuff you can find at Wal-Mart. I have no idea what it’s called!

I can’t wait to stick this fun, alternative to flowers, in the ground down both sides of the aisle.


Monday, August 12, 2013

One More Sign.

We had one more sign to make. A Thank You sign for when we take pictures.

I grabbed another craft board from Lowes. Cut it into 9 pieces about 5’’ wide and stain them. Drill a hole all the way through the top of the blocks so you can string it up later on.


While the stain was drying I set about painting the wooden craft letters I had picked up at Hobby Lobby a Vanilla Ice Cream color. Since my dress is Ivory we’re trying that color in as much as possible.


Pay no attention to the small blocks. We used those for the back of our direction signs.


Once the blocks and letters were dry we used just a tiny bit of Gorilla glue on the backs of the letters to adhere them to the blocks right in the center.


Gorilla glue needs a little bit of pressure as it dries so we stacked the lettered blocks on top of each other and let them dry before moving on.


Nathan was great enough to run the jute string through the blocks, tying a knot at the beginning and end of the drilled holes so the letters wouldn’t slip together. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project.



Even though Murphy is showing the words on top  of each other we strung them all on one line so we can hold it between us as we posed for a sweet Thank You picture.


I think this would be a great idea for a birthday party or child’s room with their name on the blocks hanging on the wall.



Friday, August 9, 2013

Echo Hollow Farm (Our Venue)

We’re getting married nearby at a gorgeous outdoor location called Echo Hollow Farm. Minus 6 years, I’ve lived here my entire life and never once had I heard of Echo Hollow anything! We happened upon the place while we were out scouting for a wedding venue. It was kismet.  We knew once we booked the place we’d have to make signs for all the out of town guest and even for those that are from the town to make getting to Echo a little easier. Here’s the entry to Echo Hollow Farm.
Sweet right? But easily missed! We’re going to hang this from a Shepard’s hook right below the Echo Hollow Farm sign.
Once you turn into Echo you drive until you come upon this split.
Honestly, I could get married right here in the driveway and it would be gorgeous. I love this place.  Our ceremony is on one side of the property and the parking and reception is on the opposite side. So we needed more signs. 
wedding signs
I took a 1/2’’ x 2 x 5 (if I remember correctly) measured and drew out the arrow and cut the boards. I stained them Walnut. Then I opened up a word document, found the font I liked (which is oddly the font I’m using for this blog, it’s Pristina, I typed the word I wanted to paint, blew it up to 300%, printed it out on cardstock  and cut it out to use as a stencil. I used a paint pen to trace the letters/words onto the wood and then took a small paint brush, some white craft paint and spent a few hours filling in the words.

My favorite one is the I Do’s.  Do a quick google image search for clipart wedding rings, pick the one you like, save the picture, blow it up, cut it out like a stencil and trace and paint just like the letters.

We’ll hang these off of a Shepard hook at the split.  We drilled holes into the back and strung some jute string so we can hang them.
We also made 2 more directional signs for the restrooms the same way I made the ones above.

Before I leave I just have to share with you the Bridal Room where my maids and I will finish getting ready. I want a picture of my dress hanging from the eves above the steps. Eeekkkk I’m so excited!!!
I want to pick it up and bring it to my house and live in it forever!!!!!!