Monday, September 2, 2013

Burlap Napkin Rings

I found yard upon yard upon yard of ivory braiding at a flea market for $3. That’s right all this goodness for $3.


After a quick wash in warm soapy water, a quick rinse off and an overnight air dry (all with the help of Evan Grace) the braiding was ready.  

I needed to cut more burlap first.  I cut 70 strips 5” x 1 1/2”


Not sure how to cut burlap, click on the link below Smile


I didn’t cut any strips of braiding, instead I left it all in one long piece and slid my burlap strips under the foot as I sewed, leaving a small gap in between each piece. Sew the braiding down the middle of the burlap, slowly, it tends to slide a little.  I used ivory thread on top and filled my bobbin with a brown colored thread to match the burlap. 


All done.


Cut your pieces apart and stack them for the next step.


With right sides together sew the ends of your napkin rings together. I made another continuous chain for quicker work. 


Clip them apart and carefully turn them right sides out.


I used a tiny bit of super glue on the ends where the seam brings the ends together to keep the rings from fraying.


I got an unbelievable deal on some Ivory satin napkins at If you’ve never checked out that website you should!!! It’s like an online garage sale for everything and especially wedding items (even wedding dresses!!!) and clothes.

Anyway, after hours of folding these pretty napkins here’s how it all looks together.


Put these napkins with our wooden utensils and I think our reception just got instantly cuter!




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